Friday, April 30, 2010

Gladstone families celebrate literacy

April 29, 2010
Cranston Herald
All text and photos by: Jen Cowart

Family Reading Night had been a longstanding tradition at Gladstone Elementary School, but this year they decided to expand their celebration to include literacy in all curriculum areas.

As the Scholastic Book Fair took place in the foyer, families filled the school for Family Literacy Night.

The celebration kicked off with a Vocabulary Hat Parade in the auditorium, where the students (and even some staff members) marched across the school’s stage wearing hats that best illustrated a vocabulary word that they’d chosen.

“We read the story ‘Miss Allaneous,’ and the vocabulary words were broken up and given to the students by grade level,” Principal Kristin Hlady explained.

Prizes were given out to recognize the students for their creativity.

Following the hat parade, the students scattered, leading family members to their classrooms where various games would be played, each focusing on a different type of literacy.

In Clara Costa’s room, the students were enhancing their mathematical literacy by playing games such as Roll of the Dice and The Greatest Sum.

Over in Mildred Moreira’s fifth grade classroom, students were playing a memory game, matching words to definitions from both their science and reading books.

“It’s a game they enjoy playing,” said Moreira.

Laughter echoed through the hallways as other students played Math Bingo, Around the World, Swat It and Vocabulary Bingo. Some grade levels even provided passports to their students for the evening, which would be stamped as they completed different activities.

At the end of the evening, all of the students were called into the school cafeteria for refreshments and the awarding of prizes from the Hat Parade.

"This was the first time for this event,” said Hlady. “Hopefully next year it’ll be even bigger. We’ll read a different book.”

As with any event, it would not have been successful without the hard work of many people, the principal pointed out.

"The kids worked hard, the teachers worked hard, and we had a great turn out,” she said.

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