Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eden Park gives their share

May 6, 2010
Cranston Herald
Text by: Jen Cowart

The student council at Eden Park Elementary School ran a healthy competition between all of the classes to see who could bring in the most peanut butter for the Washington Trust Company's PB Express Peanut Butter Bank drive. In total, the school collected 876 jars of peanut butter, with a tie between two classes: the second-graders in Kim Devany's class tied with the third-graders in Anne Stringfellow's class, who are pictured above. Photo by: Jen Cowart

Kim Devany's second-grade class tied with Stringfellow's class for bringing in the most peanut butter in the school. The entire school brought in almost 900 jars of peanut butter for the need. Photo by: Meri Kennedy

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